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From Publisher: Faced with the obstacles and challenges of life after middle age, Dave Barry turns to his best dog, Lucy, to learn how to live his best life.My thoughts: I confess, I have an older dog, a black lab actually so when I saw this cover I immediately wanted to read this book.Fast forward several years and they’ve reconnected one summer day.While I liked Josh, I didn’t feel a connection with Hazel due to feeling slightly annoyed during her sections.I read this in a restaurant waiting for a friend (of course I had my kindle in my purse) and I was cracking up.

The amount of double dates these two set each other up on got to be way too repetitive in my opinion.

I just don’t think this was a good choice for me from the get go.

In the end, while I did like Josh’s character, I never felt his connection to Hazel, I just couldn’t find any chemistry between them.

What he says about dogs and living with them is so spot on, funny, and sentimental that I loved those parts as well.

Overall, this was a wonderful feel good book that made me laugh and appreciate by best furry friend.

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However, this is interchangeable when it comes to gender.