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But also during the Great Depression, if something broke, such as farm equipment, Don learned to fix it for his family couldn’t afford to pay someone else to do it. A top student, Don earned a scholarship to Oregon State University, but left to enlist in the Navy during World War ll.

After the war, using the GI Bill, he got college funding and graduated from the University of Portland with an engineering degree.

Late in life, Don suffered from macular degeneration which threatened his eye sight and he could easily relate to people with eye problems, including those without money to pay for their care.

The Alzheimer’s donations came because Darlene’s mother suffered from the disease.

But six months later, he asked her out and they began dating long distance. Although an actress, Darlene’s job as a TV public service director paid her bills.

She quit that job to devote herself to Don and this is where our story takes a very interesting twist.

By 1971 they had it in mass production, saving tens of thousands of lives.

Ever the tinkerer, Don working with his team, enhanced the heart valve but also developed other crucial medical devices among them, the Shiley tracheotomy tube as his firm continued to grow and prosper by offering products that made a wonderful difference in peoples’ lives.

In 1964 at the age of 44, an advanced time in life for becoming an entrepreneur, he began his own company, Irvine CA based Shiley Laboratories. Viking Bjork and together they created a revolutionary heart valve.Are you one of the thousands of Orange County singles who’s struggling with your single status?Learning to enjoy your single life is not as hard as it sounds.What he then did with most of that fortune is remarkable and hopefully it is what you and I would do under similar circumstances.Born in 1920, Don grew up on the family farm in Yakima, WA where during the Great Depression; he did back breaking work picking fruit.

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