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Dating last referrers

8.3 Referrer obligations relating to other website matters: (a) The Referrer shall ensure that all URL Marks should appear to website users as intended by The Pure Gift and the Referrer shall not permit or assist any other party to modify, copy, disguise or obscure all or any part of any URL Mark, except as may be expressly and clearly permitted by this agreement or by The Pure Gift otherwise.

5.2 Statement: No later than the 20th day of each month The Pure Gift shall send to the Referrer by email a statement containing the following information: (a) A list of account numbers (being referred clients) that made Qualifying Transactions in the preceding month; The total Commission payable to the Referrer in respect of those transactions.

5.6 Schedule One: Payments and percentages will be made in accordance with Schedule One 6.

Term and termination 6.1 Term: This agreement will continue unless terminated under this clause 6.

(c) The Referrer agrees to post the directional Tools and online advertising as permitted by The Pure Gift only on the website(s) designated by the Referrer and as approved by The Pure Gift.

(d) The Referrer shall not transmit any so-called interstitials to Potential Clients from the time the Potential Client clicks on a Qualifying Link until such time as the Potential Client has fully exited The Pure Gift’s website.

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4.2 No Obligation to Accept: The Pure Gift is under no obligation to accept any application which resulted from a referral to it by the Referrer.

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