Dating invercargill

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Dating invercargill

In an interview with Du Preez, Thompson "effectively acknowledged" he had told colleagues that Clearwater "had her breasts out on Tinder" and said it was "boys talk".Potter decided that Thompson should remain at the workplace while the complaint was being investigated, despite Clearwater's view that he should have been suspended.The newspaper also minimises the region’s perceived tyrannies of distance (internet, cheaper air travel) and weather (“Compared to most of North America, Southland’s winters are positively balmy.”) Read the full editorial.From the late 1990s Invercargill has transformed itself by using innovative ideas and community funding to attract residents and visitors.

Clearwater, who said this was false, confronted Thompson in a workshop and told him to "shut his mouth" and not "lie about s***".He was told to stay away from her, but Du Preez said this was difficult because their jobs required regular interaction.Clearwater said he deliberately interacted with her and she felt threatened on two occasions.No action was taken against Thompson, so Clearwater took out a personal grievance against him on October 4, 2017.Five days later, she was told by Potter that Rayner's Invercargill branch was part of a proposed restructuring and if it went ahead she would be made redundant.

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Because the CEO was away, the operations manager sought help with the complaint process from the financial controller, William Potter.