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Dating en language language nl nl site site

You seem to be confident in your implementation and understanding of the first two.

The question was about the latter aspect - A very important thing is, don't get fancy with IDN.

Let me first sketch the situation I'm looking for I'm about to upgrade/redevelop a content management system which I've been using for quite a while now.

However, I'm feeling multi language is a great improvement to this system.

I encountered both of the above mentioned problems before scraping that solution. Basically you have two choices, that could be abstracted as: First, you need to match the query to one of defined routing patterns (if your pick is Laravel, then read here).

On successful match of pattern you then need to find the language.

In this case, when translating query, you do not need to guess the language, because at that point you already know which to use.

There is also a secondary source of language: the cookie value.

What did I come up with myself As I've been searching, reading and trying things myself already. But I still don't feel like I've reached a best practice method for what I am really seeking. They don't even include localization options for dates etc yet, but as my server supports PHP5.3.2 the best option is to use the intl extension as explained here: - but this would be of use in any later stadium of development. if I have this url: and the URL provided is easier to understand for both Google and Human visitors.

The two additional sources (cookie and header) would be used to resolve routing conflicts, when (not "if") they arise. When the list has one item, you have successfully found the language.

But if you end up with 2 (example: Russian and Ukrainian) or more possibilities .. You will have to use cookie and/or header to find the correct option.

You would have to go through all the segments of the pattern.

Find the potential translations for all of those segments and determine which language was used.

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But here there is no point in messing with Accept-Language header, because you are not dealing with unknown amount of possible languages in case of "cold start" (when user first time opens site with custom query).

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