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With the uncertainty surrounding the international community's involvement in the Syrian war and the unbearable number of casualties caused by the conflict, discussing material losses may seem like a lesser priority.

But the rich cultural heritage being destroyed in the country is nevertheless important to the whole of humanity.

Now based in Jordan, she collects information about the situation from Syrian colleagues and the Internet.

"To our knowledge, the German Archeological Institute excavation sites have not been affected by looting, but a massive destruction of Syria's cultural heritage is definitely taking place," she told DW in an email interview.

While the humanitarian situation in Syria remains grave, the conflict also means hundreds of priceless cultural treasures may be destroyed, if they aren't already.

UNESCO is stepping up the pace to prevent more damage.

These sites have been affected by the civil war and were recently added to UNESCO's List of World Heritage in Danger.

A second type of loss comes from thefts in museums.

In its appeal to the parties involved in the conflict, the UN organization refers to international treaties such as the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict adopted in 1954, which was also signed by Syria.There are three different types of damage affecting Syria's cultural heritage.For one, the armed conflicts have damaged ancient cities and sites.According to Bandarin, the government has allowed Abdulkarim to deal with the rebels on the issue of heritage conservation.He appoints people to guard cultural treasures in rebel-controlled areas and, apparently, the rebels accept their authority.

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Even though such agreements are easily forgotten in the heat of a conflict, in this case, both the government and the rebels have shown openness when it comes to preventing the disappearance of their cultural treasures.