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In her philosophy class, Cornin (who has become known as “the dating professor”) requires every student to go on a date as an assignment. Cecilia, a Spanish immigrant in her late twenties, begins to cry after recounting how good it felt just have a guy stroke her arm. What really makes The Dating Project succeed as a film is not Cornin’s technique but the five young people who emerge as unlikely victims in a society gone wrong.Besides Rasheeda and Cecilia, there’s Matt and Shanzi, both of them students in Cornin’s class. Shanzi is a stereotypical, chatty post-Millennial who posts every latte on Instagram and admits she feels totally inadequate around men.Besides this, he has also starred in tons of other TV shows such as ‘Cold Case’, ‘ Pair of Kings - The King's Brothers’ and ‘Jessie’, to name a few.The talented actor has also worked for a handful of movies like ‘Escape from Planet Earth’, ‘The Perfect Host’ and so on.A Bollywoodlife report quoted Sushant as saying, “Right now, it’s not right to say.

“I’m not stocking what I’m selling,” he finally admits in a moment of clarity.The documentary follows the lives of five single Christians over the course of a year as they attempt to find love in a culture that seems completely unable to define its terms.“The word ‘hook-up’ is great,” states Professor Kerry Cornin, “because it perfectly describes the vagueness of what these young adults experience.Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput may have unwillingly confirmed his rumoured relationship with Rhea Chakravorty.Rumours of Sushant seeing Rhea have been doing the rounds for sometime now as they are often spotted together.

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