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As such, she has to live squarely in the crosshairs of people’s prejudice.

She presents as a very calm presence, but told me that things are chaotic on the inside.

There was plenty of time to think, as the traffic was thick as Thanksgiving gravy, despite the late hour.

I didn’t arrive at the Lafayette Hotel until pm, which I assumed made me the last reviewer there.

On je izdržljiv ali nedovoljan za nju, dobrodošao je svako ko misli da nju može da zadovolji, što više to bolje.

I come and go, typically in more frequent then vacant periods of time...

Pictures and words that gave the crowd energy, and permission to experiment.

She’s an artist working in the Los Angeles area, who’s studied with Aline Smithson.

I watched the crowd, and people were in various states of disbelief.

He was like a cross between Larry David and Robin Williams.

I ought to give him a more fitting shout-out than that, though.

Michals lecture was by far the most entertaining and enlightening I’ve yet heard.

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