Council tax disability reduction backdating

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It's well worth asking: "What council tax band am I in?

" Get your banding decreased and, as well as paying between £100 and £400 less each year, the repayment should be backdated to when you moved into the property – as far back as when the tax started in 1993.

If we decide not to backdate your claim and you do not agree with this decision you must contact us within one month of the decision letter.

But time was short, and the job large, so the people in charge asked estate agents and others to help.

Yet even with all the estate agents' help, they didn't have time to get the detailed information together, so they set about doing it quickly by pairing up and driving down countless streets, allocating each property a band with just a glance.

The Government's Valuation Office Agency website, which is a key part of the technique, crashed for a week under the traffic.

We believe over three million people have now tried this system, and the successes have been huge.

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Got back from holiday recently to find I'd got a refund in excess of £2k!!

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