Codependent dating relationships Free sex cams no private

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Codependent dating relationships

Any slight or imagined chink in their ideal image of their partner feels painful.

As narcissists’ vision of their perfect partner deteriorates, their hidden shame increasingly causes discomfort.

Thus, love bombing is thus a means to seek attention, to boost their ego, and fulfill self-enhancement needs for sex, power, and control.

When they’re depressed, have suffered a loss, or are disenchanted with their last conquest, they look for new narcissistic supplies.

The thinking is, “If I can win over the admiration of this very attractive person, then I must be worthy.” As reality creeps into the relationship, they discover that their partner is inadequate or fear that their flawed, empty self will be revealed as expectations for emotional intimacy increase.It takes time to accept the truth of who the bomber really was.Research shows that love bombers have low self-esteem and are often narcissists; although not all narcissists are love bombers, and some non-narcissists are.For a narcissist, it’s not enough to be liked or appreciated.It only counts when the other person has status or highly valued qualities, such as wealth, beauty, special talents, power, celebrity, or genius.

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In the initial phase of mutual admiration, they overlook or don’t see differences or potential problems.

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