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(Reminder) this is a question for the wise and mature young or older Adults.

if really feel the need to reply with foolish answers why even bother when there is always Facebook? (Reminder) this is a question for the wise and mature young or older Adults.

I am talking about the way that they treat other people PERIOD is a problem to me.

They have to make it a practice to dishonor you in any subtle way that they can. They have such an aversion for dark-skin that I see Asian women walking around with umbrellas on the sunniest of days, with sun-visors to match. What also trips me out about many of these “other” minorities, and white folks as well, is that they can dish that racism out like nobody’s business.

In Asia I still believe Wayne Rooney would give an 100% ass-whooping to any black guy who tried to go 1 on 1 with him, in how many Asian women they could snare. in Philippines it is also view as if your white you have money.

which is true most of the time Obviously women from other Asian countries will marry black men.

However, they can’t take what they dish out at all.

These other minorities will be absolutely WICKED towards a black person.

Many of them may have bad opinions of Black people because of what they see in the media and black immigrants in their countries sometimes get involved in a lot of the crime.

Five minutes after he contacted her, she tried calling him three times in a row, and when he didn’t pick up, she sent him another three texts. When they finally met for coffee, she was downright grovelling, apologizing to him for being late, laughing at all of his bad jokes, and repeatedly reminding him that they should “spend as much time together” as they could before he returned to the UK.

White fever is so strong in the Philippines that he suspected that some of the girls he banged were trying to get pregnant just so they could have a half-white baby.

However, let a white person discriminate against them, and they literally melt.

I saw it uni Asian women doing that 'scared to death" black guy thing.

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Many of them are absolutely HATEFUL towards blacks.

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