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In order to make sure that we provide a safe environment for everyone, from time to time your photos may be under review.When you see that your profile photos are being reviewed, it means that most of our members will not be able to see your photos except for members with review privileges.You may use "Find" command to search our FAQ by keyword. Your verification code will be sent to you along with your password. • Someone in my chat room created a username similar to my username and disguised as me. • Someone in my chat room kept sending disruptive/offensive messages. " button to enter your email address or your username.

This problem normally happens when you download or upload files on the internet while you are using our chat.One can find free stock images at locations such as i Stockphoto.Other sites which offer free photos include Dreamstime, Stock Free Images, and Morgue File.Because anyone may report photo violations, we suggest you only upload photos that everyone in the world would consider family-safe.If you are not sure, make your photo private and ask around before making it public.

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To delete a photo from your profile, please log in, click "WHO'S ONLINE?