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Teachers who have used this method say it has generated some of the richest conversations they have ever heard from students!

This strategy places students into one-on-one conversations, getting them to learn each others’ names better and create a track record of what they talked about.

In this lesson there will be books placed on tables around the library with questionnaires for students to answer in the format of "speed dating" to help students choose a book matching their interests and reading level.

Too often, students complain about the canonized choices that populate our high school curriculum.

Furthermore, they are able to exercise their democratic right of choice in the classroom, thus fostering a learning community where students are able to learn from one another and from the books they read and share throughout the school year.

Welcome to our reviews of the book speed dating lesson plan (also known as why women want tall men).

I especially like that I can customize the boxes for the classes/grades that I have visiting.

And I LOVE that lots of book replenishing is needed after each class! What other tried and true activities do you use for the love of reading?

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