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However there are definitely those that feel that it is a stereotype to aspire to; again, something that I know from experience. You're being reasonable: behaviour and actions are what to judge people on rather than some (relatively) arbitrary label.

Gay, Christian, Muslim, Straight, Collingwood supporter, you get the picture.

It is a challenge when you first encounter the "gays" as a young man But please dont reject them because they don't follow your norms They are warm, intelligent ,funny and can be life long friends even though they know you are straight.

Speaking of Dutch i had a boss once who was, geez he was the biggest SOB arrogant thing i have ever come across.Premise: I am not trying to start a flame war So, long story short how does everyone deal with this issue.I don't have any prejudice what so ever, or if I do I hide it and judge everyone equally until given reason not to.I can't see myself or the majority of others blaming gays for being gay, if that's what you're trying to say. Now I'm nowhere near super skinny and it really is amazing how people react differently to me. What we do is..on with the job, we are all paid to work, and the best approach is to assume everyone there is intent on doing their job.When I'm out and see girls screaming and being drunk and stuff I don't really care about what they do, because it doesn't affect me. Just ask people from Iran what they think about the subject. Gay people are work-relational with hetero people all the time this does not infer attraction at all, so relax, focus on work and get to know the person.

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