Android gmail not updating

Posted by / 28-Apr-2020 17:24

Android gmail not updating

Although not necessarily a solution to the syncing problem, keeping the Gmail app (and all other apps) up to date is essential for it to work flawlessly.And who knows, maybe there’s some interference inside the app’s code that will be resolved with an update.

So, if the server is down, naturally, you won’t receive the new mail.Inbox, according to Gmail is now treated like any other label. Every time you get an email on your Gmail app on Android, you'll get your notifications as normal.Gmail is one of the most important Google services.Before moving on to other solutions, check the G Suite server status.If you find out that the server is down, don’t worry, because Google will probably fix the problem soon.

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Gmail is the best email app you can use in Android. As soon as the new email comes, Gmail notifies you in the notification bar along with a notification sound. Some users have reported that their Gmail sync is not working.

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