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So she played me some of those records, which turned into a crash course in girl-group productions. I told her that I had nothing to play her right now but if she let me work on something overnight she could come back tomorrow.So I came up with this little piano riff, which became the verse chords to ‘Back to Black.’ Behind it I just put a kick drum and a tambourine and tons of reverb.” Winehouse approved, and over the next two weeks, the pair “fleshed out five or six songs.” 3.

(Before she met him, “I thought he was just some big hip-hop beats geezer,” Winehouse recalled to The Irish Times in 2006, but she later told The Sun that he was “the coolest man out there.”) “It was in New York, March 2006, in the studio I used to have on Mercer Street,” Ronson recalled to Mojo in 2010.During the process of a lot of his albums, I would be around the entire album. We've worked steadily from 2001 until now, almost 2020. Not at this point in his life, maybe when he was younger. He writes a whole lot and he only puts out a little bit. The second was for ' Vocab,' which was around June 1994. ' Made You Look' was built off of the fact... He said he was going to do ; my EP with Terrace Martin. This is Black Music Month and my black ashy knuckles really know how to make some nice dust shit. I might leave him in the room for a half an hour or an hour, he'll just be passing through.She told him about the time at my house after she’d been in hospital when everyone had been going on at her about her drinking. But once Brooklyn-based R&B revivalists the Dap-Kings entered the studio to flesh out Winehouse and Ronson’s Sixties-inspired sound, “it just sounded a million times better,” he said. “I don’t really remember if Salaam, who was really close to her, who introduced us, if he told me about it or not,” Nas told XXL in 2011.‘You know they tried to make me go to rehab, and I told them, no, no, no.’ ‘That’s quite gimmicky,’ Mark replied. You should go back to the studio and we should turn that into a song.'” Later, Ronson would help transform its music into the upbeat yet sullen homage to girl groups that became Winehouse’s U. “We were just sitting here minding our own business, doing our little 45s and albums, and all of a sudden they were like, ‘I want your sound,'” Sharon Jones – who fronted the Dap-Kings before and after Winehouse borrowed them, and still plays with them today – told the The Times in 2007. While the Dap-Kings do most of the heavy lifting music-wise, and Winehouse has sole writing credits on most of its songs, Ronson also made use of two vintage soul sides: “Tears Dry on Their Own” incorporates the Marvin Gaye–Tami Terrell smash “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” written by the hitmaking duo Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson, while “He Can Only Hold Her” interpolates the Icemen’s 1966 track “My Girl (She’s a Fox).” Jimi Hendrix played guitar on the original version of that track, the result of sessions he recorded with the saxophonist Lonnie Youngblood. “But, I heard a lot about it before I even heard the song.” Clues to the identity of “Mr.

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But then, he gets on like, ' Let's get it all in perspective,' the Rakim rhyme. You could give me one verse, half a verse, or two verses. Black Thought's concept and my concept kind of crossed.

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