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Shakira wrote and produced the song with John Hill and Sam Endicott; the latter was lead singer and songwriter of The Bravery.The Spanish version, titled "Loba", premiered on the same day as well.Plans for the single changed again when Lil Wayne requested to be featured on the song, with this later happening.The album's third and final single, "Gypsy", was released in February of and reached the top 40 in Europe, but it failed to reach the top 40 in the U.It is more of a rock album than my past releases, with more elegant and positive lyrics and a happier and more rhythmic spirit.The song is a Portuguese-Spanish song and it's only available in Brazil's i Tunes.Shakira later released the third and final single from the album, "Illegal", which featured Carlos Santana, in November of She then embarked on the Oral Fixation Tour, which began in June of The tour consisted of shows between June of and July of and visited six continents.In April ofthe single jumped 91 positions, from 94 to three, on the Billboard Hot chart, setting the record for the largest upward movement in the history of the chart at the time.

In October of Shakira released her ninth studio album, titled Sale el Sol.The song was featured on Wyclef Jean's album Carnival Vol. The songs that Shakira lent to the soundtrack were "Pienso en ti", a song from Shakira's breakthrough album Pies Descalzos, "Hay Amores", and "Despedida".The touring group also doubles as a record label which promotes, but does not control, the music its artists release.What really matters are these two overheated voices working with and against each other, and the way that undeniable beat really comes alive when there is actually a beautiful melody underneath it.The song also held the record for the longest-run on the Billboard 's Hot Latin Tracks chart a total of 25 non-consecutive weeks until it was broken by Enrique Iglesias 's song " Bailando " in It debuted at number one on the Spanish Singles Chartwhile in Switzerland, the song was in the top five for fifteen consecutive weeks, although it never reached the top position.

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In Alejandro's documentary; "Sanz: Lo Que Fui es lo Que Soy" it was reported that the song sold around 12 million copies worldwide.