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My view on all of the above (also based on my personal experience from going to Sunny Beach) is that young adults do behave differently then at home.The young adults experience less restraints then at their hometown and this can result in wild behaviour.In Sunny Beach it is also common for prostitutes to offer themselves by approaching males of all ages and invite them for sex.

i love to be happy and make people around me happy. Thank you Am of average height, black hair I adore the sun, the sea and nature. I no longer work, I have time for rest and different activities, my children are self-sufficient.

If we are talking about sex tourism in Sunny Beach we are not talking about sex tourism in the way of going to a country especially to have sex with local residents (especially children) there.

In this case, sex tourism is described as going to Sunny Beach to party, drink a substantial amount of alcohol and then visit a strip club or brothel and eventually this can lead to having sex with a prostitute.

The slogan which is mentioned frequently is that ‘everything is possible on a vacation’ and this is again enlarged by substantial consumption of alcohol (which is really low priced at Sunny Beach).

Having fun is the main reason for going on a holiday and when the young adults are without their parents or other elder important persons in their lives, this can result in behaviour which is significantly different from the behaviour that they have at home because they want to explore their own limits.

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But why should people behave differently when they are in a new environment away from their trusted home situation? Or is it just a natural habit for young adults to explore all of life?

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