18 29 year old dating

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18 29 year old dating

“A good percentage of them do end up dating within the Jewish community,” he said.

” About 150 people filled out the questionnaire, resulting in sheets of paper strewn around Bycer’s living room as they tried to match people up. “That’s something that’s actually been a new revelation for me,” she said.

“If people are willing to put themselves out there, they’re relying on community events,” said Cantor.

According to the survey, in spite of the fact that relatively few in the 18-to-34 bracket say being Jewish is very important, more of them go to Shabbat or a monthly service than most of the other age groups, and they’re the most likely group to go to cultural events.

She met two of The Yentas’ matches for her, and with one of them, the date went so well that they’ve kept seeing each other and even took a trip to Lake Tahoe.

“There was romance, there was great conversation,” she said.

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